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If your question isn’t answered below, please email

Due to the volume of emails we receive, it will take a few days to respond to your email.


Where is your shop located?

The Cake Lab UK is a home run business. All cakes are made to order and need to be booked in advance.


How do I place an order?

All cake orders can be made through the website via the Contact page, Facebook and Instagram. You can also phone to place your order. Please do not send a text or Whatsapp message as it may take a few days to respond.


Is a deposit required when placing your order?

Yes. Your order is not confirmed until a deposit has been received. If the deposit has not been received within 3 days of placing your order, you will need to re-book to ensure there is still availability. Wedding deposits must be paid within a month of consultation to secure the date.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Paypal and bank transfer is accepted. 

I am a small business and do not accept card payments.


How far in advance do I need to place an order?

Simple cakes require a few days notice.

Custom designed cakes require at least 2 - 3 weeks notice.

It is advised to book your cakes in advance to avoid disappointment.


Can I make changes to my cake after I order?

Up to a certain point I may still be able to alter the design or design elements of your cake and will be as accommodating as possible. If the alteration affects the overall cost then your balance will be adjusted and any additional costs must be paid  


Do you offer tasting sessions?

I offer tastings for customers ordering wedding cakes ONLY. You must contact and set up an appointment for a tasting.


Do you do fondant covered cakes?

All my cakes are covered with buttercream and ganache.

I do not cover our cakes and cupcakes with fondant.


Do you make fondant figures and decorations?

My speciality is buttercream cakes and therefore do not provide fondant characters. Should you require any figures on your cake, you can provide them and I will add them on for you.


What is the least amount of cupcakes I can order?

The minimum order of cupcakes is 6 in one flavour.


Can I have a mixture of cupcakes in one batch?

Because of the way I bake my cupcakes, you’ll need to order a minimum batch of 12 to mix the cupcakes half and half.


When do I need to pay my balance?

Once a deposit has been received, the balance is required up to the day before collection/delivery. If your cake is being delivered, full payment of the cake must be made before otherwise your cake WILL NOT be delivered.


Do you deliver?

Delivery can be arranged in advance. There is a delivery charge based on mileage.


How do I collect my order?

You can collect your cake from the address listed on the website. Please arrive in a vehicle with space large enough to carry your custom cake.
Large custom cakes may be in an open box without a lid.

DO NOT squeeze the sides of the box the cake is placed in as you will damage the sides of the cake. Place your hands under the box and carefully place in the car.

Your car must be kept as cool as possible during warmer weather. AC must be on high and in winter the heat should be shut off. Place your cake on a flat surface area such as the floor of the passenger front seat or the boot of the car. Your seats are not a good location. Most have some slope to them, and all it takes is a few degrees of slope combined with bumpy roads and roundabouts to cause damage. Place a rubber mat under it to prevent sliding. 

Once the cake is handed over, I am no longer responsible for any damages that occur, in transport or in your home. 

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